Vim native plugins

No need for a thirdparty plugin manager! Vim8 does it already.

To have the convenience as with a plugin manager add these commands to your .vimrc

function! PlugList(...)
        return map(globpath("~/.vim/pack/plugins/start", "*", 0, 1), "fnamemodify(v:val, ':t')")
command -nargs=1 PlugInstall  execute "!mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start && cd ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start && git clone --depth=1 ".<q-args>
command -nargs=1 -complete=customlist,PlugList PlugUninstall  execute "!rm -rf ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/".<q-args>
command PlugUpdate silent execute "!ls -d ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/* | parallel 'basename {} && git -C {} pull'"

then install plugins from vim:


remove plugin from vim:

:PlugUninstall gruvbox.git

also works with completion (tab shows installed plugins):

:PlugUninstall <tab>

and update all plugins (must install the glorious GNU Parallel):


or from command line:

vim +PlugUpdate +qall